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To the New Owner: Please follow your veterinarian’s recommended vaccine schedule. We recommend feeding our Papillons Royal Canin puppy food for the first 7 months of life. After that point, you have to switch to a royal canine adult dog food and keep your puppy on the NuVet Vitamins throughout his or her life. Please make sure you keep on record with your vet what puppy food your puppy is on and when and what adult food you changed to. And proof that your puppy was kept on the Nu Vet vitamins. We will ask that be in all your vet records.Failure to due so will void your health guarantee.


Vitamins :We do ask for you keep your puppy on the NuVet Vitamins that he or she leaves here on through out his or her life. And proof that your puppy was kept on the Nu Vet vitamins. We will ask that be in all your vet records. Failure to due so will void your health guarantee.



The buyer(s) should take the above named puppy to obedience and other training classes for the best behavior results. The seller(s)are not responsible for the behavior of this puppy. The Seller(s) are not responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer(s) for medical treatment or any other cause of expense resulting from this puppy's behavior or to ensure its wellbeing. The seller(s) are not responsible for any expenses as a result of the buyer(s) negligence. This puppy must be spayed or neutered by the buyer's veterinarian with written proof from their veterinarian given to the seller within six months from the date of purchase. If seller does not receive the proof of spay or neuter within six months this health guarantee will be void The above named puppy will not be done with vaccinations or de-worming after the buyer(s) receives it. The buyer(s) will need to take the puppy to their veterinarian so that he or she can recommend future vaccinations, heart worm prevention, de- worming , flea and tick protection, etc. Failure to do so will make this contract null and Void all puppies have to be on flea and tick and heart worm prevention or you void this health guarantee. This has to be in all your vet records Failure to do so will void your health guarantee.



Life-Threatening Illness: Lone Star Papillons offers no guarantee against illnesses or accidents not contracted on Lone Star Papillons premises, and takes no responsibility for associated veterinary bills. If the veterinarian examination reveals that the puppy/dog has a life threatening illness, the buyer has an additional 48 hours to return the Papillons to Lone Star Papillons (at their expense), along with a detailed written statement from the treating veterinarian about the animal’s condition.



Life-Threatening Genetic Defects: Lone Star Papillons further agrees to guarantee the Papillon for genetic defects that would be life threatening to the Papillon. The diagnosis must be made before 1 years of age. Lone Star Papillon does not pay for veterinary bills or travel expenses associated with this condition. If the pup should die of this condition before the end of its 1 year, an autopsy is required. The examining veterinarian must send Lone Star Papillons all documents and proof of claim relating to this 1st year period. If the claim is valid, Lone Star Papillons will require that the animal in question be spayed/neutered or euthanized .


Seller must also have a letter from that veterinarian with his address, telephone and the defect detected before any replacement puppy is given. If the Buyer refused to return this puppy for a replacement puppy then this guarantee is null and void. THE PUPPY MUST BE SPAY/NEUTER BY THE AGE OF EIGHT MONTHS or this guarantee is null and void.



Our health guarantee does not cover Hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a disorder caused by a low blood sugar. This disorder occurs mainly in toy breed puppies between 6 and 16 weeks of age. Hypoglycemia occurs when a puppy misses a meal and has the stress of a new home. This condition also occurs when the puppy is allowed to exert too many calories (puppy is allowed to play too much). Puppy should never use more calories that puppy can replenish with food and water. TO GUARD AGAINST HYPOGLYCEMIA: Do not let puppy exert too much energy for the first few weeks. Make sure puppy eats 3 times per day and give puppy Nutri-Cal (only if he/she is not eating). Make sure puppy drinks enough water. Keep puppy warm. Remember this puppy is equal to bringing home a newborn baby and should be treated as one!


We do not guarantee any certain size, height, coat , or down ears or ears erect  .


Preventable Illness: Lone Star Papillons will not accept a claim for a preventable illness. Failure to vaccinate the Papillon in accordance with veterinary recommendations for standard practice LONE STAR PAPILLONS VOIDS THIS HEALTH GUARANTEE AND CONTRACT AND HEREBY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE REPLACEMENT OF ANY DOG OR PUPPY! AND THIS ALSO INCLUDES ANY PUPPIES OR ADULTS RETURNED FOR TEMPERAMENT OR HIP OR KNEE PROBLEMS CAUSED BY OWNER ABUSE OR NEGLIGENCE. Any puppy that is abused and/or neglected in the following manner (but not limited to these descriptions) may quickly develop hip problems: kept grossly overweight, or has been kept unchecked for worm infestation, kicked down stairs, kept constantly confined to cold, damp basements, or required to perform extreme physical activities (such as agility jumps or weight pulling) or even jumping on furniture during their ‘growth period’. A dog not socialized, beaten and/or tortured will develop ‘temperament’ problems. If the puppy/dogs are infested with worm of any kind because lack of worming, using tick and flea stuff from your vet, spraying your yard if needed with flea and tick prevention or heartworm prevention. Understand this is everyday care of the puppy/dog and if this is not being meet this is Neglect .AND WE WILL VOID YOUR HEALTH GUARANTEE IF YOUR NEGLECTING YOUR PUPPY/DOG. These problems which are not caused by a hereditary defect are NOT the responsibility of LONE STAR PAPILLONS. LONE STAR PAPILLON further reserves the right to examine any questionable conditions pertaining to said puppy’s health and welfare at the Owner’s expense. Please make sure you keep in your vet records what puppy food you feed your puppy and when and what adult food you have put your puppy on if we do not see this in your vet records and you kept your puppy overweight and or on puppy food too long . And if its food that is or too high of protein food which can cause hip and elbow problems and it can also cause them put to much weight on too quick on his or her bones because of this matter you will void your health guarantee.



Claims: Lone star Papillons reserves the right to evaluate all claims and reject those deemed invalid for reasons described above. If the claim is valid, Lone Star Papillons will require that the animal in question be spayed/neutered or euthanized. Then the Papillon will be replaced when another animal of similar appearance and equal value becomes available. Shipping of both puppies will be paid for by the buyer(S). Lone Star Papillons does not pay for shipping or vet bills. So please do not ask. If the replacement puppy/dog is offered and not taken, then the claim will be considered null and void from that point forward.Rescue: Before turning this Papillon over to rescue. Please.., call me! I do not want any Papillons from this kennel going to rescue!If the buyer can no longer care for the puppy at any time and cannot find a suitable home for it, the owner agrees to return the puppy to  Lone Star Papillons. But if the owner does find a suitable home for the puppy/dog they will give lone star Papillons the name, phone number and address of where the dog is at all times.




Anyone found not acting in accordance with the above contract including but not limited to, refusal to neuter/spay your pet as agreed, abuse or neglect of your pet, abandonment of your pet - agrees to relinquish their pet and loses immediate ownership of the pet obtained at Lone Star Papillon's with no further rights to that pet. They also can be sued by Lone Star Papillons for any damages incurred by the lack of the party/parties to remain steadfast to the contract. Lone Star Papillons has the right to pursue any and all funds acquired by the party/parties from any unlawful use or use of the pet not in accordance with the contract of their dog/dogs purchased at Lone Star Papillons Kennel. Lone Star Papillons has the right to pursue any damages incurred to relinquish/obtain the dog including but not limited to spay/neuter, shelter relinquish costs, shipping, food, boarding expenses. Lone Star Papillons has the right to pursue all legal expenses incurred by party not acting in accordance with the contract if any case filed is ruled in the favor of Lone Star Papillons.Anyone accused of abusing, neglecting or abandoning their dog/pup for any reason relinquishes ownership to Lone Star Papillons effective immediately. This includes but is not limited to any dog/dogs that end up in shelters, rescues or in police care for any reason. It is your responsibility to contact Lone Star Papillons at the phone number listed above if your dog is stolen or missing or for any reason your dog is out of your care. If you do not contact Lone Star Papillons and your dog is out of your care for more than 72 hours your dog will be considered abandoned and you are relinquished as owner and the pup/dog becomes the property of Lone Star Papillons effective immediately.Any legal filings by the buyer must be filed in sulphur springs Hopkins County, Texas Jurisdiction and the buyer will be responsible for all legal expenses incurred by Lone star Papillons in any case filed by the buyer that is ruled in the favor of Lone star Papillons.

you the new owner(s)  have read our health guarantee and agree to it .



_______________________ Signature of new owner(s)


_________________ Date





Lone Star Papillons

Sulphur Springs Texas, , 75482


Dawn Thorn, Owner

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